The citycenter of Amsterdam is only 8 kilometers away and can easily be reached by bike, car, (free) ferry or public transport. Have a look on for more info on the possibilities to explore and discover Amsterdam.

The rural part of Amsterdam Waterland has been declared a National Landscape because of the cultural, historical, natural and landscape qualities. Waterland largely excists of peatland area, making it extremely suitable for hikers, bikers, swimmers, skeelers, skaters and other outdoor activities. There are many published routes available for biking, hiking or sailing.

Wining and dining. Along the banks of the IJ-water you can find surprisingly nice restaurants, but also in the surrounding villages like Monnickendam, Volendam and Broek in Waterland. And the sushi restaurant even delivers at our house!
Shops are numerous in the direct vicinity. From old-fashioned small retailstores on the Purmerplein to a modern mall on the Buikslotermeer-plein. The nearby Landmarkt is a covered marketplace where you can buy local and biological products 7 days a week and even have a nice lunch or dinner.